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the eco-institute at pickards mountain



visual design

the eco-institute at pickards mountain

Starting in Fall of 2015, I began leading the Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain through a complete visual rebranding process, implementing professional design updates to their logo, website, promotional materials and social media presence. A strong foundation for the brand and identity was created using simple visual elements and typefaces. Over the past two years, these visual elements have been adopted and made into beautiful metal signage, burnt into wood benches, and featured in countless projects. Rebranding has allowed this maturing environmental non-profit to be recognized across the country.

eco-institute website mock-up.jpg

re-designed website

Updated website platform from outdated Wordpress site to user-friendly Squarespace site. Re-designed structure and organization of website to make frequently viewed content more accessible and easier to navigate.

Studio Session-004-4.jpg

print design

Design of a variety of printed promotional materials for seasonal programs and the annual fundraising plea mailer.

Slide 1_Facebook Ad_v2.jpg

promotional graphics

Design of promotional graphics used in social media channels, email campaigns, and advertisements for programs, events, and announcements. 


program manuals

Design of introductory and preparatory manuals for programs such as the 10-week residential Odyssey Fellowship.

Professional photography

Documentary photography of events, programs, and happenings. Nature photography that supports the organization's mission ("healing the human-earth relationship...") by depicting beautiful elements of nature to encourage a close connection to our home bioregion.

Everything Rebecca touches becomes breathtakingly beautiful.
— Megan Toben, Executive Director


administrative & Marketing

the eco-institute at pickards mountain

In my two years at the Eco-Institute, the needs for the internal operations team have grown as the offerings have scaled. Being a small non-profit, however, staff members often wear several hats at once. While holding the position of visual designer, I began a position in operations as the Administrative Assistant which grew into the Administrative Manager. Not long into my time with the organization, it became evident that intentional marketing efforts were needed. I spearheaded those in an additional Marketing Director role.

Administrative assistant
Sept 2015 - Aug 2016

administrative manager
aug 2016 - jan 2017

marketing director
jan 2016 - present




  • Managed databases (i.e. donors, email subscription, and past participants)
  • Processed and coordinated residential program applications and registrations, deposits, tuition collection, and individual payment plans
  • Fielded, received, and directed email and web-based correspondence
  • Coordinated distribution of fundraising pleas and follow-up thank you letters


  • Developed and implemented a plan for improved organization, accountability, communication, data-collection, and policy to unify internal operations
  • Worked closely with the Program Director and Residential Program Coordinators to improve their respective systems and protocol
  • Managed computer and internet systems, including staff email accounts, digital file system, and task management software



  • Develop, define, and implement effective brand strategy
  • Analyze target market and identify participant and enrollment trends 
  • Develop comprehensive marketing strategy for new and existing programs, including yearly fundraising campaign
  • Administer implementation of the marketing strategy, including campaigns, events, and digital marketing
  • Collaborate with the organization’s program team, enabling them to meet their enrollment objectives by providing them with appropriate tools, materials and presentations
  • Lead the day-to-day activities of the marketing team
  • Manage promotional social media presence and assist in improving social media reputation and recognition



Montessori Nature School


20170506_slide 1 from angie's ppt_adjusted for Squarespace-01-01.png

Visual Brand identity & logo

Worked closely with client to establish brand identity, including font selections, primary and secondary logo variations, and color palette.



Using the established brand identity, built a Squarespace website and trained client in how to maintain and update the site themselves. This site meets the unique needs of an emerging school that is working to build rapport among prospective families in a new area. 


Social media coaching

Social media coaching in the setup of Facebook and Instagram accounts, orientation to social media etiquette, guidance on post content and frequency, and assistance in effective content advertisement and promotion.


marketing strategy

Helped to establish a communication and marketing strategy, tailoring outreach methods and content to widely varied audiences.





2 years of my post-collegiate experience were spent pursuing teaching. My main experiences fell within the Kindergarten and Elementary age groups, and between two very different pedagogies: Rudolf Steiner's Waldorf education & the North Carolina public school system. During this time, my passion for teaching and working with young people was clear and strong, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent studying education.



kindergarten, aftercare teacher

emerson waldorf school, sept 2013 - may 2015

Responsibilities included caring for approximately 11 children (ages 4-6) during aftercare program, transitioning the group from school to rest, snack, and outside play. This position finely tuned my adaptation, organization, and leadership skills as I worked to meet the needs of a handful of young children at any given moment, and my diplomatic communication skills as I worked with parents and teachers.

This position requires many skills in adapting quickly to ever changing circumstances and being an effective and caring problem solver... Rebecca was a very conscientious employee and was well-received by children and parents. She was able to adapt to new situations and was eager to receive any advice and mentoring.
— Robin Olson, lead kindergarten teacher

k-6 Education, master of arts in teaching

meredith college, aug 2014 - may 2015

With a heavy concentration on theory, application, and thorough content knowledge, Meredith College is known for turning out some of the state's best educators. The fast pace of their Master of Arts in Teaching program strengthened my skills in time management, while the demanding curriculum pushed me to create high quality work in challenging circumstances. I completed just over half of this program before ultimately deciding to move on from the field.

Rebecca impressed me with her intellectual curiosity, passion for knowledge, and adventurous spirit. She is hard working, thoughtful, charismatic, and open-minded, and she has a clear commitment to get things done.
— Dr. Toole, associate professor of education



From 2010-2012, I operated my own Photography business, focusing on lifestyle portraiture and weddings. I have continued to offer freelance photography, meeting the needs of individuals and organizations with specialty shoots. I have a special interest in documentary portraits and macro nature images, which I capture out of love for Photography as an art-form.




A GLIMPSE INTO WHO I AM, HOW I think about the WORK i do,
AND behind the scenes of A pretty NIFTY PROJECT.



video in collaboration with will gehrman and brian allen



In addition to the Visual Design work done in partnership with the organizations above, I have applied these skills to various volunteer and personal projects.


Hope valley north neighborhood association

Volunteer visual design and logo creation for our neighborhood association. In the Communications Coordinator role, I connect neighbors of diverse ages to specific communication platforms that meet them where they stand in terms of preference, lifestyle, and technological understanding to ensure they stay safe, informed, and connected with the community. 


Design of a mixed media suite including: letterpress invitation, website, watercolor painting, calligraphy, and graphic design for our wedding.




Bridgewater college

Bachelor of Arts, 2012


art: digital media



meredith college

graduate-level coursework, 2014-15

k-6 education



a bit more of what makes me, me...

 happiest in nature
... and on my couch
it really depends on the day.


... I MAY still be in the beginner's class, but we won't talk about that.

big fan of whitney, beyoncé, adele, & dolly


hobbies include:
gardening, PHOTOGRAPHY, painting, drawing & sculpture

equal parts marylander, river-town native, & DURHAMITE


member of the
hogwarts running club
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